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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics is most commonly associated with aircraft and vehicles, but is fast finding a home in building sciences as predicting air movement within a building is crucial to occupant comfort. In the past, wind tunnel testing has been used for analysis of wind driven flows around (and through) buildings. With computers getting faster by the day, CFD has become a more viable option, and has many advantages over wind tunnel testing, such as the ability to analyse heat transfer and buoyant flow effects, with or without the help of an HVAC system.

Building geometry can be arbitrarily changed throughout the analysis. While the most obvious application is the design and verification of natural ventilation systems, CFD can be used to determine the most efficient installation of an HVAC system. Age of air analysis can be used to highlight areas with poor ventilation, and estimate carbon dioxide and volatile organic compound levels for all points in a building.
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Large Hall CFD - The airflow around a group of people in a large hall is modelled. Anticipating and modelling unique scenarios is critical for a thorough CFD investigation, which can be quite insightful when testing experimental heating and cooling solutions.

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Outdoor CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics can be used to determine velocities and pressures at any point around a building, for any given wind condition. This information can then be used to assist in design decisions, and to improve the accuracy of thermal models.


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